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How to donate without a payment

It's pretty easy. So, you're probably wondering, what do you have to do?

If you're interested in making a website, even a hint of trying, you can create your own website on But how does The PC Tech Guy benefit?

As long as you make sure Webs knows that The PC Tech Guy referred you to make a website, then he gets some "credits," which he can use to make his website better! We aren't sure if you get any benefit, but we assume you get some credits as well, provided that the referral went through properly.

All you have to do is click this link:
It will take you to the website, where you simply register your own website. Add some content, and then you're done!

If The PC Tech Guy gets enough referrers, he may be able to take down the blasted ad at the top of the screen. Of course, though, you can remove it yourself via this how-to video.