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Who is The PC Tech Guy?

  1. So who is this PC Tech Guy?

    The PC Tech Guy is a guy who's very knowledgable in computers, particularly the Windows operating system. In addition to knowledge, he also has experimented with his 9-year-old PC -- and yes, it still works very well. With at least 3 years of experience, he'll probably be able to solve your computer problem, even if you have an old computer!

  2. What is The PC Tech Guy offering on his website?

    The PC Tech Guy offers his knowledge of computers. (No, not literally, but by helping you solve your computer problems.)

    He doesn't give you support the old-fashioned way (which is "do this or that" over the phone, or redirect you to a silly help document), but instead, he does it in a simpler way called remote support. Of course, you have the choice of which type of communication you prefer to communicate with, but the fastest and easiest is via remote support.

    (Note: not all problems can be solved via remote support. This includes, but not limited to, network and hardware problems.)

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Contacting The PC Tech Guy

  1. How do I contact The PC Tech Guy?

    See the orange button that says "Contact" on the right? Click that. Please note that phone number is optional. He rarely does over-the-phone support.

    You can also contact him by clicking here if you cannot find it, or if you have a pretty complex problem.

  2. I rather not contact him directly - what other options do I have?

    You can post in the Help Forum, which is located in the Computer Community.

    However, you need to sign up on the website before you can post.

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What is remote support?

  1. What is remote support?

    Remote support is support over the Internet. The PC Tech Guy uses this new technology in providing support because it is the most efficent way of providing support. Instead of getting instructions on where to click, what programs to try, or attempting to read those bizarre error messages, The PC Tech Guy will do it for you. You of course will learn (if you want to) how the problem is solved by watching.

  2. So how does The PC Tech Guy solve the problem for me?

    With a program called TeamViewer, The PC Tech Guy will be able to see your desktop, and when given explicit consent, can use the mouse and keyboard to diagnose your problem. It's like having a tech support guy at your house, but in virtual form. (And for free!)

  3. Wait: the using the mouse thingy is scary!

    Please remember, your computer is still under your control. By default, The PC Tech Guy will not have control when he connects to your computer. He must ask you (via the software) if he may use the mouse and keyboard.

    Remember, The PC Tech Guy does not need access to your mouse and keyboard - however, the process will take much longer.

  4. Okay, so if I don't want The PC Tech Guy to control the mouse, he won't.

    That's right! The PC Tech Guy understands that many people are uneasy about letting someone "take control" of their computer.

    If you choose to not let him take control of the mouse, there is another option; instead of allowing control, you can let The PC Tech Guy only see your desktop. He will tell you what to do (either verbally or by chat) instead of controlling the mouse & keyboard. As you perform the actions, The PC Tech Guy will make sure you're doing it right.

    Please note that choosing this route of assistance will take more time than letting The PC Tech Guy take control; however, the same results will most likely be achieved.

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What is TeamViewer?

  1. What is TeamViewer?

    TeamViewer is the application which The PC Tech Guy uses to provide support. TeamViewer enables The PC Tech Guy to:

    • View your desktop,
    • communicate with you,
    • and with explicit permission, he can use the mouse and keyboard to diagnose & fix the problem for you.
  2. Where can I get more information about TeamViewer?

    You can learn more about Teamviewer at Concerned about your security? Check out their document here.

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  1. What is the cost of being a member?

    $0.00. Yes, you heard right, there is NO cost to be a member on this website. There is no setup fee, no monthly or yearly payments. It's absolutely free, and will always be.

  2. What are the benefits of becoming a member?

    You gain access to a community of those who've had experience with computer problems as well. After all, knowledge you can get in your own time, but experience only comes with time (okay that sounded awful...). Basically saying, people here may not be so knowledgable on computers, but they have experienced computer problems, and you just might have a problem they had before. After all, we've all had different experiences, and not one person knows all... but may know a lot... ;)

  3. Will my email address be posted on this website?

    Never, unless you post it. Don't worry, you'll won't receive spam as a result for becoming a member on this website. The only emails you'll receive are when a reply is posted on a topic you created/commented on.

  4. How do I become a member?

    Ready to enter the community? Click here to sign up. After filling out the details (remember that gender and location is optional, as well as birthday information (just check the box "don't display my age"), check your email for an email from to confirm your email address. Once you click the link to confirm your email, then you're signed up! Welcome aboard!

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