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Welcome to The Community! Here, you can ask and answer questions, or request help for your computer problem. Just a few things you need to know before posting here.


Here are the current rules. These rules may change at any time without notice, and by posting, you agree with these rules:

  • No profanity or invectives, ever.
  • Post comments that are relevant to the topic you are posting on.
  • No spamming (including, but not limited to, one word comments (such as "hi"), advertising, copying a comment in many other topics, typing in ALL CAPS or huge font, etc.)
  • No inappropiate content (including text, inappropiate remarks, crticising another's opinion, etc.)
  • I (and the moderators) reserve the right to edit or delete any post you make. You may appeal here only if no valid reason was given on the topic.
  • Don't ask to be a moderator. Those who should be moderators are usually those who don't want to be, as they don't concern themselves trying to be recognized for promotion. Moderating is a responsibility.
  • Please respect all members on this website. If you do not agree with a statement another makes, please give constructive crticism; do not "attack" the person. Doing that makes you appear as an inconsiderate and close-minded individual.
  • I have the right to demote, promote, or ban you from The Community, regardless of what you do on here (although I will almost demote/ban you for a valid reason).
  • You are allowed to use whatever fonts or advertisements in your profile. However:
  • You may only have up to 5 photos maximum on your "About Me" page. (This does not include your profile picture). We do not need to clog up bandwidth with a bunch of photos.
  • No links to any malicious or inappropiate websites.
  • No deception of any kind (I'll warn you if you have such stuff).
  • Too much animation is not good. I'll decide if there is too much or not.
  • Also, no animated images in your profile image! Sorry, but it gets extremely distracting, especially if you see a bunch of flashing stuff as you're reading. You know, it's just kind of annoying... or maybe annoying... or maybe very annoying...
    • However, I may let you have such an image. However, you may not have an infinite loop (2 maximum). I have the right to impose or lift any exceptions. I will state these either in a message or comment to you.

    To start posting, you must become a member first. For more information about membership, click here (Don't worry, membership is free!). After that, go back to The Community, click the category you want to post in (for example, if you want to post a question, you'll want to click the Computer Questions category), click the New Topic button at the top right corner, and type in your question. If it's a problem, be sure to include as much information as you can, such as what version of Windows you have on the computer that's having problems. Remember, the more you post, the better! Three sentences isn't going to get very far. A paragraph would be good. A whole essay-like post about your problem is better. So please, give as much information as you can!

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