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From The PC Tech Guy:

I've been looking at Soluto, the up-and-coming "anti-frustration" software. It only has three tasks at the moment, but it looks promising. However, it's only missing the attention only a person can give to fix everything. NOT saying that this is exactly what I'm here for...

Being that what I lack is programming, (After all, I help users with experience... and much-acquired knowledge), I'm going to look into making a tech support program of my own - no, not like Soluto, but rather one that helps gather information about the technical problem. The biggest challenge in fixing problems is getting information about it. Most of the procedures that are given by tech support are to gather information. The procedure to fix the problem is usually the easiest part, but if you don't know where the problem is located, then it's going to be tough.

As well as information, I also plan on some little automated "fix-its," similar to Microsoft's Fix-it program. However, mine would be more direct, and can be edited by experienced users, if need be.

Of course, this is just brainstorming. Do you have any ideas? Go ahead and make a topic in the CC!

The future concerning this website

There will come to a time that this website will be scrapped for something better. After all, it was started with a site builder, and there are always limitations to such. This website, however, will be preserved for as long as possible, when the time comes to start fresh on a new server. Until then, this will stay to remain as an informative site, as its capability cannot be anything more.